Our Team

We believe everyone who walks through our door deserves the best care. 

An audiologist assisting a patient with a hearing aid fitting

Our Team

We believe everyone who walks through our door deserves the best care.

We apply our hearing and balance/dizziness expertise to each patient’s unique circumstances to find the best solution for their lifestyle.

Meredith Wilken Audiologist & Founder of Colorado Ear Care

Meredith Wilken, AuD

Founder and Audiologist

My goal is to build a practice that patients want to be at, people want to work in, and physicians want to partner with.

I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives through a career in healthcare, but was certain I wanted to forge my path in audiology after discovering the Helen Keller quote, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.”

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Having a genetic history of deafness and hearing loss in my father’s family, I have witnessed first-hand how hearing difficulties can impact families. I knew that helping people improve their hearing would be a fulfilling profession to devote myself to.

I grew up in a Georgia-based family dental business, and, starting at age 10, learned a strong work ethic, an appreciation for a family business, the importance of patient relationships, and the nuances of what it takes to make a healthcare practice run successfully.

My education and certification background includes a B.S.Ed. in Communication Sciences & Disorders from University of Georgia, an M.Ed. in Audiology, University of Georgia, and an Au.D. from the Arizona School of Health Sciences. I am also a Fellow with American Academy of Audiology.

With over 20 years experience in the field, I’m proud to say that Colorado Ear Care is the culmination of everything I’ve learned throughout my career, one focused on providing exceptional patient care and creating efficient business operations.

For over a decade of my career in audiology, I provided direct care to patients before moving into a practice management role. I excel at organization, process optimization, and my years of experience as a clinician have helped me to help make the practices I’ve worked with leaders in their field. Before founding Colorado Ear Care, I managed the business operations for one of the country’s largest private practice audiology clinics, composed of 21 clinics across 3 states.

Beyond professional opportunities, audiology has connected me with so many wonderful people. My greatest professional experience was traveling to Haiti for a week in 2016 to fit local adults, the elderly, and children with hearing aids, many of whom had never experienced sounds before. We partner with a local organization that helps seniors at or below the poverty level by donating our time, services, and hearing aids to help them improve their hearing, and we’ve hosted events coinciding with National Make a Difference Day where we fit over 100 seniors in a day with complimentary hearing aids and services.

In my spare time, I am an avid University of Georgia football fan and season ticket holder. Even our dogs, Herschel and Munson, are named for UGA greats. I love live music, and have eclectic taste, including Widespread Panic, Tupac, The Allman Brothers, Sturgill Simpson and beyond. (And I always wear hearing protection!) There are 5 children in our family, including two sets of boy-girl twins. I’m still a Georgia girl at heart, and frequently use, “Y’all.”

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Colorado Ear Care. We’re honored that you’d choose our practice for your hearing health needs.

Matt Wilken Audiologist & Founder of Colorado Ear Care

Matt Wilken, AuD

Founder and Audiologist

I was exposed to the life-changing impacts of hearing care at an early age by my father. He was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of forty and began wearing hearing aids. He soon became licensed as a hearing instrument specialist and who devoted his career to helping the members of our community hear their very best.

I learned the importance of patient care and craft of hearing aid fitting under his guidance, and was inspired to carve my own path in the profession.

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After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a Master of Arts in Audiology 1998 and a Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2004, my brother Jeff and I went to work with our father, where we proudly grew our local, family-owned practice into an industry leader with multiple locations across several states before being purchased in 2016.

With over twenty years of patient and industry experiences under my belt, my wife Meredith and I decided to start an all-new family-owned practice, one that goes above and beyond the average hearing care experience. Locally owned. Fully committed to our community. Focused on the entire ear by providing the most thorough testing and services available, with recommendations that are easy to understand and options that make you feel comfortable and confident about the quality of your care.

When I’m not working on the vision and direction of Colorado Ear Care’s marketing, financial, and operational strategies, most of my time is spent raising our five children and some of my favorite hobbies include golfing and skiing.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Colorado Ear Care. The entire team and I look forward to serving all your ear- and hearing-related needs.

Cory Tickle Audiologist at Colorado Ear Care

Cory Tickle, AuD

Manager of Clinical Operations

Helping you hear, feel, and live your best is my mission. I am a proud alum of the University of Tennessee, where I earned my Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Audiology degrees. I am a detailed person that is passionate about helping people with hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. My dedication to understanding these disorders has led to not only effective outcomes for my patients’ hearing health, but also a high rate of personal satisfaction for the care I provide. Outside of the clinic, I reside in Lakewood with my wife, our children, and our dogs. We enjoy traveling together as well as participating in outdoor activities as much as possible. My dogs and I are avid trail runners and I enjoy playing and watching sports of all kinds, and I am a huge fan of University of Tennessee sports. Go Vols!

Jacki Reider2

Jacki Reider, AuD


Having worked in Greeley as an audiologist for over 21 years, I’ve been able to provide the highest level of patient care. I became a Doctor of Audiology at the University of Florida and received my Master of Arts in Audiology and Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Northern Colorado. Whether it’s time for better hearing or you need help navigating dizziness, I’m here to serve you. I believe in treating my patients like family and I love to meet with patients who want to achieve better hearing and to give them the tools and confidence they need to be successful with hearing aids. My husband Steve and I have 3 children, and a growing number of grandchildren. I am an active member of the rodeo and I love our community!

Maddison Dickinson

Patient Care Coordinator

I am a Colorado Native and just recently married! I attended college at Aims Community College for Nursing, classes at CCU, and have my CNA license. I spend my free time with my family and friends and enjoy watching sports.

Shawna Vansickle

Medical Billing Specialist

I am a Colorado native, but I lived in the Seattle area for ten years where I attended Bryman College for Medical Billing and Coding. I have been doing medical billing for over 17 years in almost every specialty. I love animals and am a proud mother of three.  

Peyton Wilken

Patient Care Coordinator