A hearing aid

Hearing Aid Features

Learn about the many exciting developments in hearing technology!

A hearing aid

Hearing Aid Features

Learn about the many exciting developments in hearing technology!

man sitting with an Oticon hearing aid microphone and iPhone connected

Digital hearing aids have become so much more sophisticated than the analog devices of the past. It’s no longer a world of “On,” “Off,” “Volume Up,” and “Volume Down.” Today’s hearing aid features can support the way you love to live your life more than ever.

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Advanced hearing aid features

Today’s hearing aids are essentially miniature computers that can fit in or over the ear. In general, the more advanced the hearing aid, the more sophisticated its components. Not only is modern hearing aid technology capable of helping you to improve your hearing by making it easier to understand speech and environmental sounds, but it can also to help with combatting the effects of tinnitus (the perception of ringing in the ears) or to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, televisions, and more.

Different hearing aid models contain different advanced features. Depending on your hearing health, your hearing goals, and the places where you want to hear your best, we can help you choose the hearing aids that possess the features that are right for you.

A hearing aid using motion sensor to track sound

Hearing in difficult situations

Hearing in noisy or challenging environments is a primary complaint of the people we work with who are concerned about their hearing. Conversations become muddled, and can lead to confusing and frustrating situations. But there is hope. Our testing techniques and our experience in fitting people with the latest and most effective technology has led to countless delighted experiences. You can have this, too.

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Hearing aid battery icon

Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries come in a variety of sizes and powers. New technology advancements also means that hearing aids come in disposable and rechargeable battery options. Which is right for you? Depending on the type of hearing loss you have and the best devices for your lifestyle, you likely have a range of options that can help improve your hearing and keep you engaged with the activities you love best.

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Bluetooth symbol on a phone representing bluetooth connectivity in hearing aids

Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids

Did you know that many of today’s hearing aids can stream audio from your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, computer, television or other compatible devices directly to hearing aids? It’s true! You can finally experience crisp, clear audio from these pieces of technology thanks to the power of Bluetooth. These advancements make phone calls easier, music more enjoyable, and watching TV with loved ones better than ever.

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A television representing connecting your TV to your hearing aids

Hearing aid connectivity

Hearing aids connectivity isn’t limited to Bluetooth. Thanks to T-Coil technology, hearing aids are able to connect to telecoil loops that can make sound experiences in certain venues like churches, movie theaters, and public transit centers completely immersive, just like you deserve them to be.

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