An ear and custom earmold


Not just for hearing aids—they can do so much more.

An ear and custom earmold


Not just for hearing aids—they can do so much more.

Two construction workers wearing custom hearing protection earmolds from Colorado Ear Care

Earmolds are a critical component of a good hearing aid fit, but they also serve many other purposes.

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Types of earmolds:

A hearing aid

Hearing Aid Earmolds

Fits onto the hearing aid and delivers the sound from the aid into the ear.

A well fit earmold can be the difference between a successful hearing aid fitting and one that is uncomfortable or doesn’t provide the help needed. Hearing aids that fit behind the ear sometimes use custom made pieces called earmolds to deliver their sound to the user. If an earmold fits poorly, sound can leak out causing whistling or feedback, cause a sore ear, or not allow you to hear as well as possible. Having an experienced professional take a good ear impression is the best start to the earmold process. 

Custom earmolds for swim plugs

Swim Plugs

Keeps water from getting into the ears. Can be custom made or one-size-fits-all.

For frequent swimmers, water that gets trapped in the ear canal can cause ear infections such as swimmer’s ear. One-size-fits-all swim plugs can be hard to insert and remove and often don’t stay in place for your whole swim. Custom made swim plugs solve those problems and keep you comfortable before and after your swim.

An ear and a shield representing custom earmolds for hearing protection

Custom Hearing Protection

Made for those who are exposed to loud noise of all types- industrial, recreational or musical.

This type of hearing protection offers a more comfortable and personalized fit than off the shelf foam or silicone earplugs. They can also be worn longer and more comfortably since they’re made specifically for your ears. Did you know using a foam plug that doesn’t fit in your ear well might not be protecting your hearing at all?  We always recommend hearing protection for the preservation of good hearing health, and urge folks who work or play in noisy environments to consider the benefits of custom hearing protection.

A hunter representing custom earplugs for shooting

Shooters Earplugs

Specifically designed to react to the burst of the shot and protect hearing.

While some may wear ear protection during target practice, many hunters choose not to wear ear protection. They aren’t willing to sacrifice hearing the sounds around them and there’s no time to put ear protection in once you’re ready to take your shot. Shooters ear plugs allow environmental and game sounds in but once the trigger is pulled, shut down to protect your hearing. It’s the best of both worlds.

A man in bed representing custom sleep earplugs

Sleep Earplugs

Custom fit earmolds to block out the sounds that keep you awake, snoring included!

Have a loud neighbor or roommate? Live in a noisy city? Sleep next to someone who snores? There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. Foam earplugs often fall out overnight or don’t fit smaller ears well. Custom sleep plugs fit well, feel better, and will do a better job of blocking out those sounds you don’t want to hear. Don’t miss out on another good night’s rest.

A guitar representing custom earmolds for in-ear monitors for musicians

In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

In-ear monitors to add protection while on stage or in rehearsal.

Musicians, audiophiles, and sound engineers will love the feel and sound of in-ear monitors. The custom fit makes them comfortable to wear along with the added benefits of ear protection and being able to hear the desired audio inputs during performances and rehearsals.

A custom earmold for audio earbuds

Custom Audio Earbuds

For those who love music and want a more dynamic listening experience or for those whose ears don’t work well with standard issue earbuds.

Know those fun earbuds that come with your mobile phone or in a fun rechargeable box? While nice to look at, they don’t always fit well. Poor fitting earbuds cut down on the ability to conduct hands-free business or calls and can be a real pain- literally. Custom earbuds solve those problems and allow you to just listen. Audiophiles know not all earbuds are created equal. For those looking for a more rich and dynamic listening experience, custom audio earbuds are the answer. 

A stethoscope representing that Colorado Ear Care is physician preferred

Medical Earmolds

For coupling with stethoscopes and other medical diagnostic devices.

For those in the medical field, accurate listening and recording of vital sounds is well, vital. Sometimes there’s a hearing impairment keeping you from hearing your best, other times you’re in a noisy environment with many team members present. Custom medical headsets, earpieces, and molds can help you more accurately monitor your patients and help you do it more comfortably.

A custom earmold

Other Custom Earmolds

Less widely requested, but also important uses such as newscaster, pilot, and military earpieces.

Besides the more common earpieces and earmolds described above, there are many other styles. Whether you’re a pilot, in the military, on the news, or even drive a racecar, there are custom headsets and earpieces that can be made to couple to the devices you use in your career. For more details, reach out to a CEC hearing professional.

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