Why Refer to
Colorado Ear Care?

It’s the level of care you expect, and the care your patients deserve!

Why Refer to Colorado Ear Care?

It’s the level of care you expect, and the care your patients deserve!

Matt Wilken administering rotary treatment to a patient suffering from dizziness and balance issues
A head with dizziness lines representing imbalance, dizziness, and vertigo
A hand cupped to an ear to represent hearing loss

A Faster Path to Relief for Hearing, Dizziness, and Balance

  • Accurate — we’ll provide a specific diagnosis and recommendation for treatment
  • Comfort — we offer services that will limit your patient’s time under duress
  • Personalized — hearing technology that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs
  • Affordable — your patients can save on OOP costs due to fewer PT visits
  • Efficient — our diagnostics can reduce MRI referrals
  • Comprehensive — we’ll send you prompt, thorough reports
  • Concise — you’ll spend less time on paperwork, and more time with your patients
  • Responsive — we’re always available should you have any questions about our findings

We Partner With Most Major Insurance Providers

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Contact Us

If you would like to speak more to us about our services or need any additional information, please reach out!

Hearing Care Provider

Professional Care, Delivered by Experienced Providers

  • CEC was founded by two audiologists, each with over 20 years of experience
  • We are treatment, not product-focused, and place patient care above all
  • Our emphasis of care is on advanced neurodiagnostic testing
  • Our extensive testing and depth of training allow us to precisely detect and identify weaknesses in the auditory and vestibular systems
  • CEC offers advanced tinnitus diagnostics
  • CEC focuses on the whole ear and vestibular system
  • The resources of a large hospital system; the attention and care of a local provider
  • We are distinguished as a Center of Specialty Care by the American Institute of Balance
  • We also have one of the only rotary chairs in Colorado
  • If appropriate, we can also provide non-medical treatment which can easily be administered with simple repositioning maneuvers performed in the office

Patient-Centered Care

Our goal is to make this process easy for you and your patients.

We pride ourselves in providing transparency and clearly defined recommendations to you and your patients. We promise to follow through with every patient.

We are contracted with most payers so we can work with as many of your patients as possible.

Meredith Wilken fitting hearing aids on a patient at the Colorado Ear Care office

Which Hearing Patients Are Best for Colorado Ear Care?

With our emphasis on comprehensive, advanced testing and our belief in keeping things simple and clear for patients, everyone in need of hearing and tinnitus care can get the care they deserve at Colorado Ear Care.

graphic of a hand cupping an ear

Hearing Loss

a line graphic of a behind-the-ear hearing aid

Hearing Aids

graphic. of lightning bolts around an ear to indicate tinnitus


Which Dizziness Patients Are Best for Colorado Ear Care?

We offer a unique service. There are very few facilities that thoroughly assess balance disorders in the Denver area. Consequently, balance disorders, vertigo and dizziness are often not addressed properly.

A spiral inside of a head lying down representing positional vertigo

Positional Vertigo

Several circles in motion representing motion intolerance, an equilibrium disorder

Motion Sensitivity

A spiral representing vertigo episodes

Vertigo Episodes

Two half offset half-circles, one dark, one light, representing imbalance and unsteadiness, an equilibrium disorder


One filled square and one empty square offset representing equilibrium


A person falling representing how balance, dizziness, and vertigo symptoms can cause falls

History of Falls

See how we work differently with referring physicians

A clipboard with an exclamation mark representing that balance, dizziness, and vertigo are often misdiagnosed

What to Expect After Referring a Patient

After sending a patient referral, we will schedule an appointment directly with your patient. After completing their testing, you will receive a report via email or fax. This report is detailed, yet concise.

Every report comes with clear recommendations. We will then follow up with a phone call to clarify any questions. We’re also happy to work with you to customize our reporting and communication so it works best for your practice.

The Need for Accurate Diagnosis

Many times an exact diagnosis/cause cannot even be reached due to a lack of information and testing. MRI has been the go-to test for many years. Physical Therapy (PT) has also been recommended to many dizzy and balance impaired patients, but without an exact diagnosis, it can be difficult for PT’s to develop an effective treatment plan.

Colorado Ear Care seeks to bridge that gap and bring comprehensive vestibular testing and treatment to all those patients suffering without solutions.

An ear on a clipboard representing advanced hearing and balance diagnostics

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