Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Hearing Aids

Getting clear answers about your hearing health — from how hearing loss occurs, how your hearing loss can be treated, and what the best options are for your type of hearing loss — can be confusing. Colorado Ear Care has devoted itself to making hearing care easier to embrace by erasing the mysteries that surround it, including those questions that relate to the costs of hearing care. 

The Colorado Ear Care difference

When it comes to our hearing aid pricing, we’ve done what few others can by making it clear, competitive, and straightforward, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment. 

Private Pay with Full Service

$1,000 – $2,700

We offer this option to our patients no matter what the technology level may be. 

The private pay with full service option has proven to be the most popular investment tier with our patients. It’s also the tier that our professionals tend to recommend the most. Why? Because we’ve found that our patients tend to have better results and a higher level of satisfaction with this all services and technology inclusive option. 

And because the number of visits with your provider are not limited by this plan, we can foster a deeper relationship around your goals, a key component in the hearing care process. It allows us to spend more time making those fine tuning adjustments that can truly heighten your listening experience.   

Private Pay with Limited Service

$1,000-$2,200 each

This is another option that we offer our patients at all technology levels. We’ve designed this tier to support patients who want a great hearing care experience but would prefer to make less of an up-front investment in their technology while also preferring to work directly with their provider. 

Technology is less expensive overall, but certain services have limits, and there are “pay as you go” fees also associated with this tier. 

Discount Plan Devices via Insurance

$500-$2,800 per device

Though insurance coverage for hearing aids is not a standard practice, there are many health insurance companies that offer hearing aid discounts. There are even instances where the insurance provider’s plan includes a hearing aid benefit that covers the cost of devices.  Colorado Ear Care is a provider for some of these insurance-based discount plants. 

Though you’ll often find cheaper technology through many of these plans vs. the pricing structure of retail hearing aid outlets, the services that are covered by these benefits are typically very limited, and patients tend to feel nickeled and dimed by these programs. 

This is because many include recurring fees for services, cleanings, programming, and adjustments, all of which are crucial to a great hearing experience — especially over time, as you rediscover sounds and your hearing evolves. 

Over The Counter (OTC)

$100-$500 per device

To be perfectly frank, we do not recommend these devices nor do we fit them. They’re usually a one-size-fits-all solution to a deeply unique problem that deserves a level of personalization that these devices cannot match. 

They’re usually sold by online retailers, are intended to address a very narrow range of hearing loss, and cannot be custom-fit for the wearer.

Our commitment to service is a commitment to your experience 

We’ve also gone a step further in providing value to our patients by encouraging them to actually try out different types of hearing technology that are relevant to their unique hearing loss. No commitments. No deposits necessary. We’re not here to pressure you into a purchase. 

We’re here to help you rediscover what you’re missing out on in a way that complements your life and your budget. The only way to know if technology is right for you is to actually be able to experience it in exactly the same way you’d normally live your life. That’s the Colorado Ear Care difference. 

You deserve to have this process be as clear as possible, but you still might be wondering, “Where do hearing aid prices come from?” and “Why are they so different from other consumer electronics?” Let’s break it down even further. 

How are hearing aid costs determined?

There are a number of factors that relate to variances in hearing aid costs, including but not limited to differences in manufacturer costs, different technology levels, and different features and compatibilities.

Manufacturers are continuously making investments in research and development in order to provide those with hearing loss increasingly advanced technology solutions. The goal is always to improve the effectiveness of the hearing aid technology for a greater diversity of users in a broader range of listening situations. 

Sometimes technological advancements in other arenas spur innovation in the hearing aid sector. For instance, the innovations in smartphone, GPS, and Bluetooth technology have led to an unprecedented number of new ways in which hearing aids can adapt to a wearer’s environment, including automatically adapting to location-based preferences and audio streaming from a phone, TV, laptop, or tablet directly to one’s devices. 

These technological advancements have created more and more positive outcomes for wearers, and the costs of those investments are typically passed on to the purchaser. Despite the large market for hearing aids, with estimates of those with hearing loss in the United States ranging from 30 to nearly 50 million, only about 1 in five actually wear technology to treat their condition. If the more people who needed hearing aid technology were to wear devices, then this would likely create a positive impact on the cost of hearing aids to the consumer. 

The costs of hearing aids aren’t limited to manufacturer research and development. Hearing aid costs can also include the cost of care. Research shows that a strong relationship between a patient and a provider can lead to more positive outcomes for the hearing aid wearer, which is precisely why we recommend (and so many of our patients embrace) our Private Pay with Full Service option. 

It’s also why we’ve made it perfectly clear what our pricing is for each level of technology and all our associated services. There’s no second guessing. Just first-rate care. 

Your goal is better hearing. Ours is helping you achieve it. 

Price shopping for just about everything has become the norm in the internet age. It’s completely changed everyone’s relationships with making purchases. We all want to make sure we’re getting the best deal possible, but this fear of not getting a great deal can often be a hindrance from moving forward.

This is relatively inconsequential if we’re talking about purchasing a new flat screen television, but when it comes to your hearing health, the sooner you’re able to take control of your hearing health, the better. Hearing loss will worsen over time, often without you realizing it. And the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to re-experience many of the sounds you’re missing.

That’s why we’ve strived to take the mystery out of the process, be crystal clear about pricing, and make our care as accessible and affordable as it can be. If you’re concerned about your hearing or that of a loved one’s don’t delay. Give us a call. We’re here to help you. 

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