Hear Better This Holiday Season!

by | Nov 14, 2021 | Hearing Loss

The holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful!

Listen, we can’t take away all of your holiday stress. Your shopping list, getting those cards in the mail, managing your event schedule, that’s still on you! However, we can help you to get rid of any concern you may have related to your hearing. 

In fact, we may be able to help you have a more active and more fulfilling holiday season than you have in years, if your concern for your hearing has been holding you back. 

If it has been, we completely understand. Over the years, we’ve worked with so many different people who would love to take advantage of all of the special things the holidays have to offer — the parties, the dinners, and the community events — but their inability to hear as well as they’d like to has kept them from saying “yes” as much as they want to. 

That’s one of the biggest traps of letting your hearing loss go untreated: You find yourself having difficulty keeping up with cross-conversations, you find yourself exhausted from concentrating so hard on what’s being said, or you might even feel embarrassed from time to time for misunderstanding what’s being said, and so you withdraw. 

But the more you withdraw, the worse your hearing may get, and the worse your hearing gets the harder it is to accept the invitations of others, and you suddenly find yourself lonely, isolated, and searching for answers. 

Colorado Ear Care is here to help you enjoy the holiday season

You aren’t alone. Professionals like those of us at Colorado Ear Care have devoted our careers to helping people reconnect with things that they love — sounds that they didn’t even know they were missing until they were able to get the treatment they deserved!

Hearing loss is typically a gradual occurrence. You probably won’t notice your hearing loss to the degree that others might. So if you’re fifty or over and you haven’t yet started getting annual hearing evaluations, then we highly recommend that you do. 

Why? Because the sooner we can detect hearing loss, the sooner we can provide treatment recommendations designed to preserve your hearing. Also, over time, we can track the progression of your hearing health, which can also inform any necessary interventions you might someday need. 

And if you already are experiencing hearing loss that is causing you to miss out on the things you love, like family gatherings, holiday worship, and even shopping in busy stores, then we would want to provide you with comprehensive hearing testing to determine the true nature of your hearing loss. 

If we come to the conclusion that your loss is treatable with technology, then we can discuss the types of hearing aids that are most appropriate for your condition, the environments where your hearing is most important, as well as considerations like your budget. 

After you’re fit with your new hearing aids, you’ll go through a brief but critical period of time, usually no longer than a few weeks, where you’ll adapt to the rediscovery of sounds you’ve been missing. Remember, hearing loss is gradual, and adapting to technology will be, as well. 

But once you do, you’ll likely be amazed by the results. If hearing voices is difficult for you in noisy or crowded holiday situations, then you’ll be glad to know that today’s digital hearing aid technology specializes in being able to distinguish between speech sounds and background noise. 

Environments that were once difficult to focus in, are now that much easier, and your enjoyment is that much greater. You’re finally back in the moment. You’re finally feeling like you again!

Now, if you’re someone who already wears hearing aids, there are still a number of things you can do to ensure that you have the best holiday hearing experience possible. 

Bring extra batteries!

There are few things more defeating feeling than losing power just as the festivities are getting good! That’s why we always recommend to our patients that when they’re going to an important event, that they should always bring an extra pack of batteries with them. 

Use a rechargeable device? Then bring a travel charger, just in case! And if you’re in need of more batteries or a charger, then give us a call. We can help you get just what you need!

Make sure your devices are clean

As advanced as hearing aids are these days, they’re still no match for what buildup or obstructions caused by wax can create. We recommend, depending on how quickly your ears produce wax, that you clean your devices at least once a week. 

But if your ears produce wax more quickly, or if you know you’re going to an important event, then give your hearing aids a thorough cleaning with the cleaning kit you received when you were first fit with your technology. In need of a new cleaning kit? Want a professional hearing aid cleaning? We’d love to help you! Tubing can become brittle and break, and we are here to help you keep your devices in optimal condition. 

Request a seat where you know you’ll hear your best

There’s nothing selfish about making this request of your host. Sitting in the middle of a party is more difficult than being seated at the end of the table. If you’re at a restaurant, having the kitchen behind your back, or being seated near the walkway to the restrooms is going to be distracting. 

We encourage you to ask your friends and family to accommodate this simple request. We’re confident that they’d be happy to do whatever they can to improve your experience.

Want even more holiday hearing tips? Contact Colorado Ear Care today! We’re here to help you have the best hearing care experience possible. Don’t delay!

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