How Colorado Ear Care Makes Hearing Care More Accessible for Coloradans

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Miscellaneous

Accessibility should be priority #1 in healthcare

In an ideal world, healthcare would be abundantly available to anyone who needs it, but due to a variety of external factors, that’s not always possible. In the hearing care industry, specifically, the current demand for audiologists is much higher than the supply, so it’s important that we, as audiologists, take a proactive approach to our services and remove as many of the barriers to care as possible.

Colorado Ear Care was founded to help our patients hear better, feel better, and live better lives, and to do that, we’ve taken some important steps to make hearing care more accessible for the community we serve. Here are three ways we make it easier for Coloradans to get the hearing care they need.

1. One-Week, Free Hearing Aid Demo Program

We understand that hearing aids can be a big investment for our patients — emotionally and financially. So, outside of our compassionate approach to testing and treatment of hearing loss, we’ve developed a program that allows patients to try a set of hearing aids for one week to see if it’s right for them before committing. We call it the 3D hearing aid process, and it’s a way that we remove “uncertainty” as a reason for our patients not pursuing hearing aids.

The first D, “diagnose,” is the most important step because it helps our patients understand the reality of their hearing loss and if the severity of their case could benefit from a hearing aid at all. Through state-of-the-art technology and a conversation with our team, we help our patients identify hearing loss and understand options that will best fit their lifestyle because every person’s experience is unique and requires a unique approach.

“Demo,” the second D of the process allows patients to try out a pair of hearing aids for free for one week. No payment out of pocket is required, and all patients who could benefit from hearing aids but aren’t quite ready to take the leap and order their own are eligible for the demo. 

Finally, the third D, “decide,” is where our patients evaluate their experience over the week-long demo and assess whether hearing aids helped improve hearing loss or tinnitus. If they did, then we can move forward with ordering and fitting their very own hearing aids, and if they didn’t, then we can reevaluate the path forward to find a better solution — whether that be a different style of hearing aid or something else completely. 

The 3D hearing aid process helps our patients decide whether hearing aids are right for them with the utmost confidence and removes some of the pressure patients may fear when seeing a hearing care professional for the first time.

2. Financing Options to Fit a Variety of Budgets

For the same reason that we started the 3D hearing aid process, we also strive to offer affordable care so that we can help as many people as possible in our community. Our pricing is clear and transparent, and we work closely with our patients to help them get the hearing loss treatment they need without breaking the bank.

From full-service, private pay options to discount programs through some insurance providers, we try to ensure cost is not the lone reason our patients choose not to get hearing aids. 

3. Spanish-Speaking Providers Available

In the state of Colorado, Spanish is the most widely spoken non-English language, and just over 11% of Coloradans speak Spanish. Moreover, access to providers that speak the same language as their patients has been shown to improve patient outcomes and increase the rate of patients seeking follow-up care — this applies to hearing healthcare, too! 

With the prevalence of Spanish speakers in our state, Colorado Ear Care has a Spanish-speaking provider in our Arvada office to ensure hearing care is accessible for Spanish-speaking Coloradans. ¡Las barreras del idioma no son un problema en nuestra práctica!

Getting the hearing care you deserve shouldn’t be difficult — let Colorado Ear Care help you hear better!

Hearing loss can be an isolating experience, and choosing a provider that makes diagnosing and treating your hearing loss as comfortable as possible is a great first step to combatting those emotions. After all, everyone deserves to hear better and remain engaged with the world around them. 

What’s more, Colorado Ear Care focuses on more than just hearing. We look at the health of the entire ear and even offer the most thorough and complete dizziness and vestibular testing in the state of Colorado, as your ears play a role in more than just your ability to hear.

Here at Colorado Ear Care, we take proactive steps to make hearing care accessible for our patients. If you’re in the Denver area, reach out to us today and experience the Colorado Ear Care difference for yourself! 

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