How Do Musician Earplugs Work?

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Earmolds

Do you wear earplugs to live music events?

If you’re a musician, know a musician, or are someone who just loves to attend live music events, you’ve probably struggled a bit with the concept of earplugs. 

Why would that be? Well, when it comes to the standard, one size fits all foam or silicone plugs, they tend to greatly diminish your perception of the sounds you’re wanting to hear. 

These plugs are designed to do just that — to plug — and while they follow through on their promise, they tend to cut off a broad spectrum of frequencies for the wearer, make your ears feel occluded or blocked, and have a tendency to fall out unexpectedly, due to their general use design. 

Of course, these earplugs are better than nothing, especially when it comes to protecting your hearing. The average concert, depending on factors like the size of the venue you’re in, where you’re seated, and the artist performing, is around 100 decibels (dB) at least, and can often exceed as many as 120 dB.

Prolonged exposure to sound at this volume can be extremely damaging to your hearing, considering the baseline for dangerous sound levels begins at 85 dB. 

So, if all you have access to are standard issue foam or silicone earplugs, then by all means, wear them. But if you want a hearing protection solution that will not only protect your hearing, but also give you a better overall sound experience, then we highly recommend you consider musician earplugs. 

What are musician earplugs?

Musician earplugs are incredible devices that not only protect your hearing, but can also help you experience the music you love to listen to or perform in exactly the way you want. 

How? Well, for one, musician earplugs are custom fit to the wearer. At Colorado Ear Care, we do this by carefully and comfortably taking molds of your ears, and using those molds to create plugs that are entirely personalized to your ears’ unique size and shape. 

No longer will you need to worry about whether or not your earplugs are going to fit comfortably, or whether or not they’re going to randomly fall out of your ears, because these plugs are designed specifically for you

One of the other unique benefits of custom fit musician earplugs is that you can actually choose the level of decibels you’re seeking to cut. Depending on the instrument you play, the style of music you perform, or the type of concerts you like to attend, you have options for choosing the best type of musician earplug for you. 

How much do custom musician earplugs cost? 

Though costs can vary, depending on your needs, the brand you choose, and the type of materials used to construct the custom plugs, most custom fit musician earplugs cost about $200. 

To get the most accurate estimate, you need a personalized quote. 

No matter what, we believe that this is a small investment for music lovers who are seeking to enrich their musical experiences while protecting the sense that contributes most to those memories: your hearing! 

With these custom fit devices, long gone are the days when your ears are ringing days after the show has ended. Gone too are the headaches, the stress, and the worry that you might have caused permanent damage to your hearing. 

Tinnitus is an all too common problem for musicians and music lovers who just can’t commit to consistently wearing ear protection during live performances. 

For many, ringing in the ears is something that tends to go away after a day or so, but for those suffering from tinnitus, the ringing that once faded away after several hours now has taken up permanent residence in your perception. 

It’s stressful. It’s distracting. And with custom fit earplugs, it’s now avoidable! (Already experiencing the effects of tinnitus? We have treatment recommendations for that, too!)

Are custom in-ear monitors different from musician earplugs?

In-ear monitors are a great way for musicians to simultaneously protect their ears while getting the exact sound mix they need to perform and sound their best. 

The customization of in-ear monitors follows the same process as custom earplugs, but in-ear monitors typically also contain technology that connects to a receiver that sends sound wirelessly to the wearer. 

You get a custom fit. You get a precise mix. Your ears and hearing are protected. And you finally get to focus on your performance, instead of worrying about your hearing health. 

Pricing on in-ear monitors can vary pretty drastically. As is the case with custom earplugs, we recommend that you book an appointment for a consultation so that we can understand your exact needs, and show you the options that will best meet your needs. 

Want to learn more about custom earplugs and in-ear monitors?

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