The Importance of Annual Hearing Tests

by | May 20, 2024 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss

Why are annual hearing tests important? What are the benefits of early detection and treatment of hearing loss? What can someone expect during an annual hearing test? Read on to learn everything you need to know about hearing tests.

Each May, we celebrate National Speech-Language-Hearing Month. It’s an important reminder of how crucial it is to protect our hearing as we get older.

Hearing loss often happens so gradually that many people don’t even realize it’s occurring. For many, the ability to hear clearly fades little by little over time, and by the time it’s noticed, their hearing is already significantly impacted.

That’s why getting annual hearing tests is so vital. These exams give audiologists the opportunity to catch hearing loss at the earliest possible stage, before it severely impacts your daily life and wellbeing.

The Quiet Threat of Hearing Loss

Diminished hearing often creates many unseen challenges beyond just hearing softer sounds. When left untreated, hearing loss can lead to a whole host of other concerning issues. Social isolation, embarrassment, and cognitive decline are all issues faced by those suffering from hearing loss. And for many, hearing loss occurs gradually over time making treating it before it becomes impactful difficult without regular checks.

Cognitive Decline and Hearing Loss

One of the most notable findings in recent years is the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Research now shows that when hearing fades, the brain works harder to understand the incomplete or jumbled signals it receives. The increased strain on the mind can cause the onset of cognitive decline and impairments like dementia over time.

Social Isolation Depression

One of the first issues those with hearing loss typically encounter is that of social isolation. When those affected begin to struggle through daily conversation, it sometimes becomes preferable to avoid social situations altogether. This can lead directly to loneliness, anxiety, and depression in those affected.

Catching More Than Just Hearing Loss

While annual hearing exams are most notable for catching gradual hearing loss, they serve another key purpose too. Our audiologists also use these exams to identify other ear and balance issues you may be experiencing.

For example, during your visit we can also check for the symptoms related to tinnitus. This condition is characterized by a constant ringing or buzzing that can become worse over time if not addressed. 

Another benefit of seeing a hearing care provider is we can check for balance disorders connected to the inner ear, like vertigo. Catching these problems early makes treating them much easier before they begin to affect your daily life.

That’s why investigating seemingly minor nuisances like ear ringing can actually help catch larger issues earlier. With comprehensive annual exams, our team is able to leverage our expertise to evaluate, diagnose, and treat any ear issues you may be experiencing before it starts to affect your quality of life.

Earlier Interventions for Better Outcomes

The earlier hearing loss is detected through annual testing, the sooner you can take steps to manage it effectively. Some key benefits of early interventions might include:

  • Hearing aids work better the less severe your hearing damage is when you start using them.
  • Cognitive abilities stay sharper by preventing mental overload, accelerating decline.
  • Social life remains active by resolving the issues that might otherwise lead to withdrawal.

So, annual comprehensive hearing exams truly can help preserve and protect a person’s quality of life. 

What to Expect During Your Hearing Test

If you haven’t had a hearing exam since you were in school (or maybe ever!), you may be wondering what to expect during an annual hearing exam today. 

In most cases, the purpose of a hearing exam is to evaluate how well you can hear different pitches, from high to low and at varying volumes. This consists of listening to tones and speech samples where you would indicate what you hear.

Once complete, our team reviews the results and explains any deficiencies discovered during the examination. When detected, we would work with you to find an appropriate treatment option, which may include hearing aids or assistive devices, depending on the severity and cause of the hearing loss.

A key benefit of these exams, especially when conducted regularly, is that they help to establish a baseline to track changes over time, allowing for you to quickly address any hearing loss before it begins to impact your daily life.

Much like regular dental appointments, breast cancer screenings, and annual physical exams, annual hearing exams help you to stay ahead of any issues that might interfere with your health or happiness long term.

Your Personal Hearing Experts

With extensive training and years of delivering expert care under our belts, the team at Colorado Ear Care can help you or a loved one address or overcome any issues related to hearing loss. 

We also utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technology during every exam to ensure precise measurements, creating an incredibly comprehensive picture or your unique hearing profile.

Choosing an audiology practice to trust your hearing with is an important decision that has major implications for your quality of life. With Colorado Ear Care’s combination of specialized knowledge, advanced technologies, and personalized care, you can rest assured your hearing is in the most capable hands. 
Don’t trust your hearing to just anyone — take the first step towards better hearing health by scheduling an exam with Colorado Ear Care today.

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