What Is the Best Hearing Aid?
The Answer Might Surprise You!

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Hearing Aids

What’s the best hearing aid?

When it comes to having hearing loss, most folks quite understandably want the best treatment possible.

In cases where there is a “treatable loss,” meaning hearing loss that can be supported and enhanced by hearing technology, it only seems logical that choosing the “best” hearing aid, should help the wearer achieve the best results. Right? 

Well, sure, but the answer to “What is the best hearing aid?” isn’t quite so simple.

Hearing aid manufacturers don’t make this process any simpler for the wearers, either.

Of course, their goal is to sell a product, and while brand recognition is ultimately good for their company’s bottom line, a hearing aid wearer shouldn’t be too focused on brand.

What should they focus on? Their unique hearing loss, the technology that best supports their hearing, and the benefits and features offered that can give them the best overall experience. 

With that in mind, in our professional opinion, the question you really should be asking yourself and your provider instead is, “What is the best hearing aid for my type of hearing loss?” 

At Colorado Ear Care, we have developed a process for creating the perfect alignment between your needs, and the most up to date, most-advanced hearing technology available.

What is the best hearing aid FOR ME?

First things first: STOP WAITING. One of the common mindsets we face in the hearing care world is one of hesitancy. 

Being able to accept that you might have hearing loss, let alone seek testing and treatment for it, can be very difficult for most people. In fact, statistics show that a person will wait an average of seven years after recognizing the signs of hearing loss before ever seeking treatment. 

Hearing loss is generally a progressive condition, and the sooner that you can confirm your hearing loss and begin a personalized treatment process, the better we can preserve the hearing you have while doing all we can to enhance the frequencies of your hearing that you’re missing.

So, don’t delay. Book your appointment with a trusted provider today, especially if you’re someone who is over the age of fifty. Speaking of booking that appointment…

Find the right provider! Technology alone can’t solve your hearing issues. Great hearing care experiences are a process, one where your provider should be taking the time to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and providing you with thorough testing that cancels out any other possibilities related to your hearing loss. 

Once they have absolute clarity about your results and have communicated them to you in language that you understand, they should then provide you with treatment recommendations that support your hearing, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

This is a highly personalized part of the process, and that level of personalization extends even further into how your technology should be fit. 

Experience your hearing aids in the real world. Our 3D Hearing Aid Process aims to address your comfort and satisfaction with your hearing technology by allowing you to wear it in the real world — all the places and all the activities that matter most to you — so you assess the experience of its effectiveness for one risk-free week. 

This is now the 3D Hearing Aid Process works:

Step 1: Diagnose

We’ll conduct a comprehensive series of tests to rule out any possibilities other than hearing loss, identify the nature of your hearing loss, and then provide you with technology recommendations based on your lifestyle.

Step 2: Demo

We want you to love your new hearing aids, but we understand that you really need to experience them before you know for certain. As a standard, Colorado Ear Care patients are eligible to participate in a free, no payment out of pocket demo of their hearing aids. 

Wear them at home, wear them with loved ones, wear them in the manner your provider has recommended so you can get a clear sense of how they can enhance your hearing and your life. 

Step 3. Decide

After you’ve had the chance to wear them for a full week, we’ll invite you to come back into the practice so we can discuss your experience. We want to fully assess if your technology improved your experience with hearing loss, tinnitus, or both. If you are finding yourself dissatisfied or unsure, then we discuss other options, or you may simply return the devices. If you’re enjoying the devices, then we can continue with your treatment plan!

So, what’s really the best hearing aid? It depends on you!

At Colorado Ear Care, we work with all of the major hearing aid manufacturers in order to provide you with the best, most effective, and most up to date hearing technology available. This also gives you a much wider range of options when it comes to technology, features, and accessories. 

The most important thing you can do is to get started. Remember, the longer you wait, the harder it can be to preserve your healthy hearing!

Contact Colorado Ear Care today to get the testing you need, the service you deserve, and more thoughtful answers about your hearing, your tinnitus concerns, and more!  

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