How Do I Know My Hearing Aids Are Working?

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Hearing Aids

Hearing aids play an important role in making a world of sound available to those experiencing hearing loss. Having hearing aids in perfect working order is essential for those struggling with loss to communicate, engage socially, and enjoy daily life’s rich soundscape. Understanding what goes into a perfectly functioning hearing aid and knowing how to maintain your device’s performance can be tricky. 

In this blog, we aim to provide you with practical advice for assessing a hearing aid’s performance, ensuring users experience the full benefits of their devices.

Key Characteristics of Properly Working Hearing Aids

Clear and Distinct Sound Quality

Probably the biggest hallmark of a functioning hearing aid is whether it delivers clear and distinct sounds. Voices should be clear and without distortion, allowing for ease of understanding and communication. Sounds, both from the environment and through direct conversation, should sound crisp and enhance a person’s ability to interact and respond to the world around them. 

If a person suddenly notices muffled or unclear sound coming from their hearing aid, it’s likely time to recheck the device’s settings and consider consulting a professional.

Dynamic Noise Management

A major benefit of modern hearing aids is that they aren’t designed just to boost ambient sounds, but to help amplify voices and manage noises effectively. Practically speaking, this means that while a person is able to hear and concentrate on sounds and conversations of interest, their hearing aids also work to reduce any interference coming from background noise. 

A well-functioning hearing aid will allow a person to focus on what they want to hear, improving their overall listening experience, especially in crowded or noisy places. 

Comfortable Fit and Feedback

When a hearing aid fits properly, it should be comfortable for the user to wear throughout the day. It should also help to minimize or eliminate feedback, which sometimes can sound like whistling or buzzing. Making sure that hearing aids fit properly not only enhances comfort but also improves sound quality and helps the devices last longer. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Hearing Aids

Battery Life and Maintenance

One of the most basic and essential steps in ensuring that a hearing aid is working properly is to regularly check its battery and perform basic maintenance. Properly maintaining these devices through regular cleaning and storing them in dry places can extend the life of these devices and their batteries. Regular checks can also help to know when to replace batteries or recharge the device to avoid unexpected outages.

Regular Performance Checks

Performing regular checks on your hearing aids can help a user catch and address any potential issues early. Some of the items that should be checked regularly should include listening for consistent sound quality, checking for any damage, as well as ensuring that all features are working as expected. By performing these checks regularly, a person can help maintain optimal performance and longevity for these important devices.

When to Have Your Hearing Aid Checked

While many hearing aid-related issues can be addressed through troubleshooting, whenever a person notices a significant change in hearing ability, it’s important to seek out a professional. An audiologist is able to program the device to address a person’s specific hearing condition, thereby improving their hearing while also avoiding causing any further damage.

A comprehensive hearing exam will typically check your devices to make sure they’re properly tuned, but even throughout the year, you can ensure that your hearing aids are working properly by checking each device for clear sound quality, whether or not they still manage noise effectively, and that they provide a comfortable fit without feedback.

Regular maintenance and performance checks are key to ensuring a hearing aid continues to perform well, but only definitive assessments, like the real ear measurement we leverage at Colorado Ear Care, can ensure a perfectly tailored hearing experience.

Enhancing Hearing with Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurement is a game-changer for providing personalized tuning, individual fit, and unique hearing characteristics. This advanced technique involves accurately measuring the sound a hearing aid delivers into the ear canal to ensure that the device is providing the best possible experience. With real ear measurements, Colorado Ear Care can make precise adjustments, tailoring the output to match a user’s specific hearing loss.

It’s because of this commitment that each hearing aid we fit at Colorado Ear Care is optimized for its wearer, providing clients with superior hearing solutions.

Making sure that a person’s hearing aids work correctly and how to tell when they are not is crucial for ensuring that users always have the best possible experience. By being mindful of sound quality, how the device handles background noise, and maintaining a comfortable fit, any user should be able to expect a fulfilling and rich auditory experience. 

We encourage anyone with hearing aids or those experiencing hearing loss to schedule an appointment with Colorado Ear Care at least once a year. Through comprehensive hearing assessments and our expertise in the real ear measurement method, we’re dedicated to providing personalized hearing solutions for each individual’s unique need. 

Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today and enjoy a truly enriched auditory experience.

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